The 11-13 rue de l’Etoile – Uccle 1180

Ideally located in the commune of Uccle, 11-13 rue de l’Etoile is close to all amenities: a sports centre & a pool, shops & supermarkets, public transport, schools and parks.

Green Uccle

Despite the urban character of certain neighbourhoods, Uccle has maintained its large open spaces of exceptional atmosphere. Beautiful tree-lined avenues crisscross it in all directions.

Beautiful villas and flower gardens of city people have been built among the country houses of the last century. This neighbourhood has been marked by painters and sculptors as their favourite place of stay. Buildings and classical sites catch the attention of those who like to look into the past.

A green and architectural heritage

Uccle is one of the largest communes in Brussels Region and the fourth largest in terms of population. The presence of many green areas and over 500 hectares of Forêt de Soignes make Uccle a predominantly residential neighbourhood.

Pleasant neighbourhoods with villas and old village style residences alternate with many other buildings and classical sites.